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Applications & Products

Coatings, Batters & Breading

The perfect coating doesn’t have to be loaded with a dozen ingredients, especially not if they are chemically modified. Our state-of-the-art technology adds functionality to standard flour to help you create a product that performs for food service or the home kitchen, allowing you to include “natural” on your label.


  • Highly controlled batter viscosity
  • Superior adhesion to substrate
  • Crispy texture and controlled color
  • Increased freeze/thaw, pH, shear stability
  • Better reconstitution in oven or fryer
  • Extended hold times under heat lamp
  • Reduce the number of seasonings, including sodium



Food Safe Applications

Food safety is top-of-mind in today’s market – something to consider when building a product with flour possibly being consumed prior to applying a proper kill step. We produce ingredients ideal for products with potential to be consumed raw, including: ice cream and cake batter inclusions such as cookie dough, cake batter and brownies, spoonable cookie dough, refrigerated biscuit/pastry dough, unbaked pizzas, frozen pies/appetizers, seasoning blends, soups, sauces, gravies, batters and coatings, pre-dust/post-dust, energy & nutrition bars, and hot and cold cereals.


  • Designed for food safety-sensitive applications
  • Unique process for greater control on microbiological presence
  • Replace modified food starch for clean label claims
  • Functional properties of soft wheat flour
  • Clean flavor profile

Pancakes / Waffles

Want to improve how your pancakes and waffles stack up against the competition? Siemer can help. Whether you need an all-natural flour to replace chemically modified food starch as a stabilizer, or one to replace traditional flour for enhanced functionality – we can take your products’ appeal to new heights.


  • Improved texture and bite
  • Consistent batter viscosity
  • Longer hold times
  • Increased freeze/thaw, pH, shear stability
  • Clean flavor profile



Soups, Sauces & Gravies

Yes, you can create a natural, savory product without compromising quality – and at a competitive price point. Our naturally Heat-Treated Flours allow savory foods to retain a smooth, homemade texture and clean mouthfeel throughout a variety of conditions.


  • Cost-effective
  • Increased freeze/thaw, pH, shear stability
  • Reduced “skinning”
  • Extended hold times
  • Quick dispersion
  • Steam kettle to retort to freezer stability
  • Better reconstitution in oven, stovetop, microwave, or steam table
  • Clean flavor profile carries seasonings without masking

Nutritional Products

Adding nutritional ingredients with extremely short shelf lives can be difficult. Siemer’s completely natural process stabilizes wheat germ, wheat bran, and whole wheat flour so you can deliver healthy bars, breads, and cereals to the shelf with the grain’s essential nutrients and pleasant, nutty flavor.


  • Extends shelf life (6-9 months) at ambient temperature
  • Vitamin E, Omega 3, protein and fiber may be added to improve appeal of label and flavor
  • Various granulations available in both red and white wheat



Natural Cake Flour

Creating a tempting, fluffy, work-of-art cake has always required ingredients that can’t be on a “natural” label – until now. Siemer’s natural heat treatment produces non-chlorinated cake flour, a fully functional equivalent to bleached flour, for the baking industry.


  • Parity in taste, texture and height
  • Stability/longer shelf life for hi-ratio cake systems
  • Convenient, readily available source (based on soft red winter wheat, US origin)
  • Opens foreign markets for American-style cakes

Stabilized Baked Goods

Our HT stabilizing flours are engineered to provide the functional attributes critical to the batter and bakery industries.


  • Consistent batter viscosity
  • Superior moisture retention
  • Uniform crumb, not gummy
  • Improved freeze/thaw stability
  • Extended shelf life
  • Enhanced structure and mouthfeel


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