Nutritional Products

Nutritional Products

Nutritional Products

Stabilized wheat germ, wheat bran and whole wheat flour

Adding nutritional ingredients with extremely short shelf lives can be difficult. Siemer’s completely natural process stabilizes wheat germ, wheat bran and whole wheat flour so you can take healthy bars, breads and cereals to the shelf with the grain’s essential nutrients and pleasant, nutty flavor intact.

Siemer utilizes state-of-the-art heat treatment technology to substantially improve shelf life by deactivating enzymes, while still retaining all of the nutritional benefits.


  • Does not alter nutritional potential or label identification
  • Extends shelf life (6-9 months) at ambient temperature
  • Vitamin E, Omega 3, protein and fiber may be added to improve appeal of label and flavor
  • Various granulations available in both red and white wheat

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